ONTOLOGEE;™ object oriented ontologee;™ "o-o o" international product development & concept retailer

the PRACTICE; ONTOLOGEE;™ to generate ecological entities ("gee") for study & experimentation. design repository of contact.

"a semicolon is most commonly used to link (in a single sentence) two independent clauses that are closely related in thought." "ontologee;™" joins product experience and participant, as a semicolon joins two or more ideas of equal rank. situating as such, "ontologee;™" provides a relationship (of service, experience, and/or materiality).

the results of experimentaion and study are communicated within the product code(x). the code(x) is used for describing variation in product(/service/experience)-participant relations. the code(x) is the unseen presense, ascribing itself to the relationship. the code(x) is a form of consciousness. product members have access to the code(x).

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The Phragrance Syntax describes the pairing properties of each phragrance. alpha (α) and beta (β) pair well, omega (ω) pairs well with both. The charge (-/+) reflects the intensity of the pheromone(s) vector; magnetic (-) and pursuant (+)).

Re Axis (+6ω) | details: 10ml, glass, refillable | $33.00 (single)

*(Star)Bherst (+7α) & Ether No.1 (-9β) | details: 15ml, glass, refillable | $55.00 (pair)

New York City (-7α) & Chicago (+9β) | details: 15ml, glass, refillable | $55.00 (pair)

coming soon.